Often in order to reach the desired information you need to be logged in to the website. Most of today's websites use so-called form-based authentication which implies sending user credentials using POST method, authenticating it on the server and storing user's session in a cookie.

This simple test shows scraper's ability to:

  1. Send user credentials via POST method
  2. Receive, Keep and Return a session cookie
  3. Process HTTP redirect (302)

How to test:

  1. Enter admin and 12345 in the form below and press Login
  2. If you see WELCOME :) then the user credentials were sent, the cookie was passed and HTTP redirect was processed
  3. If you see ACCESS DENIED! then either you entered wrong credentials or they were not sent to the server properly
  4. If you see THE SESSION COOKIE IS MISSING OR HAS A WRONG VALUE! then the user credentials were properly sent but the session cookie was not properly stored or passed
  5. If you see REDIRECTING... then the user credentials were properly sent but HTTP redirection was not processed
  6. Click GO BACK to start again

Please, login: